Programs used in the technical department:
CAD 2D Autocad
CAD 3D Delcam/Mechanical Desktop
CAD 3D Pro Engineer (CREO)
CAM WorkNC/Cut

The use of the latest CAD CAM programs enables optimum development of the 2D and 3D models required.

The following services can be performed on request:
1. Product engineering and creation of a prototype in any material
2. Mould cooling study with SLM technology to increase the tensile strength of the parts
3. Casting simulation to improve the quality of the die cast part.

Using a first draft design and the 2D drawing of the part, Tavelli staff, composed of highly qualified personnel with years of experience, will carry out an initial assessment, studying in detail the best solutions in order to great high quality equipment.
Moreover, the company is fully flexible in the event of changes, making its time available to the customer, with which it is used to working closely.