Once the design has been completed and shared with the customer, we proceed with manufacturing the equipment. For this, CAM programs are created which can then be sent to the respective machines for milling the components. Where possible, we always try to finish the part on the milling machine (chip removal) and only when necessary do we use electrical discharge. This enables us to improve the metallurgical quality of the moulding parts.
Standard procedure used:

1. Roughing
2. Stress relieving
3. Heating treatment with tempering
4. Finishing
5. Polishing, assembly and testing.

On request, we can add the creation of an initial sample to be sent to the customer to the production cycle. This is usually followed by further stress relieving.
When the mould is complete, the customer is provided with its documentation, which includes 2D and 3D designs, material certificates and heating treatment graphs.
Particular attention is paid to the interchangeability of the components and accessories for easy and continuous maintenance of the moulds over time.